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What we do - Hazwoperweb provides the highest quality online safety training services to assist customers in acheiving an increased safety awareness as well as OSHA regulatory compliance through online training.

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Hazwoperweb is a leading provider of workplace safety resources. We specialize in all areas of safety training, with an emphasis on environmental consulting. It is our goal to assist our customers with regulatory compliance training, and provide our students with training and workplace safety resources they need.

Whether it is refresher training or first-time training, Hazwoperweb is the choice for all of your online safety training needs, as well as for all other greatly-needed workplace safety resources. But don't just take our word for it; test drive us today.

We are based in the United States, but we have students taking our courses from as far away as Singapore.

We also offer specific services for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

What is the best value for your money on the Web? Our basic OSHA Online 8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher Course is only $69.95. This training course comes with a downloadable certificate (Adobe pdf. file), and has an up-to-date curriculum, many photos, and many helpful links to other great workplace safety resources. There are interactive quizzes that check your progress along the way. This course meets federal OSHA HAZWOPER regulatory compliance training standards.

Why Do Our Customers Keep Coming Back? We know you have a choice in training providers. Therefore, customer service is very important to us. We provide each individual or company with the service that one should expect. Our safety professionals are readily available to answer any questions that may arise. When you get great service at a great price, you won't want to go anywhere else for your training needs!

If You Want To Be In Compliance? You have come to the right place. Our training complies with OSHA, EPA and DOT regulatory compliance training standards. Also, we feel it is important to understand exactly how and why you are in compliance. We think it is surprising to discover just how many students do not have the correct training for their job function. Remember, there are at least 11 hazmat courses under the Federal OSHA HAZWOPER Standard. To be sure you have had the correct training and are getting the correct course contact us today.

Our customized HAZWOPER training programs are designed specifically to assist facilities and government agencies in complying with the requirements of OSHA's HAZWOPER regulation (29 CFR 1910.120). Additionally, we have training programs for those who supervise or manage employees, as well as OSHA-compliant HAZMAT Incident Commander training. Regardless of the training requirement, we will meet all of your online safety training needs. We want to be your leading provider of workplace safety resources.

Hazwoper training is an annual requirement. Don't let your certification lapse! Our training is offered at a reasonable price and any questions you have will be answered by experienced instructors with years of teaching and field experience. Let us be your choice for HAZWOPER REFRESHER TRAINING. Check out our reasonable rates.






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