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OSHA Safety Training Corporate Overview :

If you have ten or more employees who require HAZWOPER refresher training, HAZCOM refresher training or any other OSHA safety training (as well as any other training course we offer) you should consider setting up your own corporate account. Your designated Corporate Administrator(s) can track employee progress.

Advantages of a Corporate Account for OSHA Safety Training:

•  Students do not have to enter credit card information at enrollment, but rather your company will be billed for enrollments. There are no claim forms employees must fill out for reimbursement.

•  Students can access their courses (including OSHA safety training courses) immediately after enrollment.

•  Your designated Corporate Administrator(s) can track employee progress, print completion certificates, update student information and enroll new students in OSHA safety training courses.

•  Free upgrades are offered for companies with over 25 employees

•  Upon completion of the course, students can immediately save and print their certificates, including any past certificates of training for OSHA safety training courses completed with Hazwoperweb.

•  Students have the benefit of taking an updated OSHA safety training course each year.

Other Benefits

We will either charge a credit card on file, or initiate an invoice at the end of each month for students that enroll during that month.

To initiate a corporate account we need the following information:

  • Email us back the logo you would like on your corporate page
  • Approval for what courses you want to make available
  • Billing instructions, whether monthly invoice (need a point of contact for billing), or credit card on file (please do not send by unsecured email, but send us an email and we will arrange for a secure method of obtaining billing information.)

Contact us with questions.  info@hazwoperweb.com

This program especially works well for companies with multiple locations.

Email Us Now: info@hazwoperweb.com